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Venice, Verona, Milan, Florence, Tuscany, Sicily, and Rome – these cities are more than enough reason to dream of customized Italian tours where you have complete control over where you want to go and what you want to see in this wonderfully landscaped country. Whether you want a classic tourist experience or take a route less traveled, Italy is filled with all kinds of attractions to satisfy your adventurous spirit. Whichever way you choose to go, your tour will be an authentic and unforgettable experience of what Italy is all about. Accompanying vacations and customized Italian tours are one of the best ways to learn about the best that the country has to offer, from its famous culture and history to its preserved natural stones, to its delicious cuisine.

With custom Italian tours, you can choose to travel through time as you wander the ancient streets of ancient villages and admire the beauty of medieval cathedrals, Renaissance villas, and Roman ruins, all preserved as if they were only yesterday. Cultural tours will satisfy any history lover’s thirst for memories. If you can’t get enough of Italy’s historical side, why not include in your itinerary such interesting destinations as the Valley of the Temples in Sicily or a tour of Pompeii and its spooky streets, frozen in time by the fury of the first century AD. Mount Vesuvius. There is also the perfect leaning tower, while the Amalfi Coast and Taormina also make great side trips or even a full extension of your stay, with their unique offerings.

There is so much to explore and discover as you take personalized Italian tours. The best way to explore all that Italy has to offer is to spend your time in every place you choose to visit. Choose a comfortable pace for each location and destination to avoid feeling rushed to reach the next item on your list. Italy is one of those holiday destinations you’ll want to come back to, and you should! You will be amazed at how many new discoveries you will find with each visit.

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