No Gym No Problem Handy Home Gym Ideas

Written by dolamer

If you’ve ever lived in an apartment and are like me, it’s almost agony to have the same design all the time. Unfortunately, you are bound by a lease and you have to make the most of it. Even if you loved your place when you moved in, you may be bored with the way your things are arranged. Having said that, I wish my girlfriend and I had a second bedroom so we could put all our exercise gear. Yes, we could go to the gym in our condominium, but honestly, I feel a little weird because of its proximity. to the rental center. Going to the gym is one thing, but I like to train when I can go upstairs.

Some of the things I have found very useful for working out in my apartment are resistance bands, a pull up bar and a punching bag of any weight. Resistance bands offer amazing versatility because you can use them like any piece of gym equipment. For example, you stand on it and roll or roll your back with it and do push-ups with increased resistance. You can use them in almost any way and they do a good job.

The pull-up bar is of course used for pull-ups, but you can take a punching bag and hang it from the pull-up bar and do some light kicks and punches. I used to have a punching bag rack with a 100lb bag and loved punching and kicking.It’s a bit cumbersome even if it’s a lightweight bag. You can also train your helping muscles in this way.

These options really made it easy to work out at home, and it’s a very affordable option, the bag was only about $35, you can get a pull-up band for $10-15, and the resistance bands cost me about $35 on Amazon. So it’s a very viable option if you don’t want to spend money on an expensive gym membership or don’t like working out in public.

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