Possible reasons why car keys do not work

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The problem is not the key, but the lock
One of the most common reasons people need new car keys is because they break in the key track while they are in the lock. The lock is likely to be broken, causing the key to break when pressed by turning it over. Because of the widespread use of remote controls, most car keys today do not experience such forces.

The key must be damaged
Damaged keys are another common cause of malfunctioning car keys. When most people think of broken keys, they see a key divided into two or more pieces. This picture, however, is completely wrong. A broken key usually indicates that the keyholes have worn out. The lock will stop working properly once these slots lose their shape. This is the case because the keyholes are linked to the internal mechanism.

Key fob batteries are dead
This is a common problem that does not require the help of a vehicle. Since keychain batteries tend to deplete over time, pinpointing the source of the problem is quite simple. If you notice that your car is not receiving signals from the remote control effectively, you should replace the batteries immediately.

Ignition cylinder defective
Car keys are designed to work with the car’s ignition. Since they are not designed to work alone, any failure of the parts connected to the faucets will result in the faucets not working properly. The ignition cylinder is an important component associated with your car keys, so any problem with it will lead to a problem with your car keys.

Is your key duplicate?
If you are using a copy of the key made by an auto lock maker, your key may not work. Even a well-designed version of a is still a duplicate of the original key and not the original key! So obviously it may have a few flaws. These minor flaws will draw attention because a deviation from the original key will easily distinguish it from the original.

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