Can Somebody Worry Human Contact If They Had An Intrusive Caregiver?


One of the things that people be struggling with is feeling lonely and alone from other people. At this point they might be in desperate need for contact with others and hoping that they’ll get to spend time with someone else or with some other people.

If this were to happen this doesn’t mean their entire being will show in the form of another. Also the physical self of their be present, but that does not mean that their mental self will be present.

An Analogy

It’s like being hungry and having only an appetizer at an eatery, rather than having a three-course meal. It’s certainly more than enough, however it will not make them feel full.

It will only take away the edge from their lack of appetite (loneliness) but it won’t take long before they return to the way they used to be before. They’ll have eaten fast food, and can now return to the way they were prior to that.



To be able to get the nutrients they require to thrive, it is essential for their mental self to be present. This will help them to meet a lot of their requirements.

In addition it also allows the person to be fully present as a person, not only perform a role. This is the kind of thing that is most likely to occur when they’re within a group, turning into who someone else would like them to be.

The False Self

They can appear friendly, relaxed and peaceful at this point. Because of this they’ll appear more as a part of someone else instead of a distinct being who has its individual needs, desires and desires.

In order for them to be connected to their own in this way, it may be important to have their own business. If this is the situation then being on their own will not be satisfying nor doing work with others.

Two Options

It could be something they don’t know about however it may be something they know about. If they’re conscious of this, then they may feel tired and depressed from being lonely and unable to connect with others.

It is possible that they will get to the point that no matter how lonely it might be, they’d rather to be on their own. This can be a bit painful, but it’ll keep people from needing to perform the appearance of other people.

A Strange Scenario

What is normal for them to feel at ease within their own environment and at ease in the company of other people. This will allow people to feel at ease with who they are, regardless of whether they are alone or not.

This will let them have more meaningful relationships with each other and be more intimate. In terms of intimate relationships this could be an additional area of their lives that can cause them many problems.

A Closer Look

If they begin spending in a relationship, they’re likely to conceal the person they really are, like they do with other partners. But, this could be a time where they feel so happy to have a human connection with someone to whom they feel attracted.

However, as the years along and more is demanded of them, they might find themselves in a position where they have to back off. It could be because they have begun to express their emotions and is urging them to follow suit or perhaps due to the fact that they’re forming bonds that are stronger.

The Meaning

Take all this into consideration and the fact that people lose their identity around other people and only be at peace when they’re alone, and feel uncomfortable with one an individual, what’s clear is the fact that contact with humans isn’t considered to be positive. Naturally, on one level, they’ll desire this since they are a self-sufficient human being, but in another way, they don’t.

They don’t feel secure enough to share who they really are or become too close to a person and that’s why they prefer to be all by their own. While it feels safe, living in this way can be detrimental to their security.

A Deeper Look

What this could mean what it means, if they’ve been that way since they remember the fact they were seldom and never were they respected during their young times. They were at that time more of an object rather than a distinct person with desires, feelings, and needs and that could cause them to be broken in big and subtle ways.

In the absence of power as well as dependent upon their caregivers at this point in their lives, their sole choices would have been to be able to live with the situation and to remain in their own world. Another option that could have taken place to shield their self from suffering, was that they’d have withdrawn from their emotions.


Being unable to express their feelings and/or escaping the attention of others could not have changed the situation happening However, it would prevent people from being aware. They’d then be vulnerable to being violated, and not be aware of what was happening.

The person (or individuals) whom they were expected to protect and love them, would have profoundly traumatized them, preventing them from growing properly by forming boundaries and setting the stage for them to be afraid of people. They may also have led them to lose touch with their instincts of aggression and fight, which in turn made them vulnerable and vulnerable. They were unable to defend themselves.

Another Element

If they stand your ground and refusing to compromise the way they want to, it could be interpreted as a sign that they are causing people to be rejected, abandoned , and to see their lives be put to rest. Being rejected or abandoned is probably what happened when they attempted to assert their identity as a young person. When they were left behind it is likely that they believed that they were about to die.

In securing themselves in a safe place, they will not have to prove themselves, and they’ll be able to keep themselves from releasing emotional wounds that stem from being rejected and feeling abandoned. The reason is that , just as when they were children it will allow them to let go of the way they feel, to get out of their body and to their mind.


If someone feels like this, and they’re willing to change their lives it is possible that they will have to seek external help. This kind of support is possible through the therapist or healer.

There will be emotional wounds they’ll need to be healed from and traumas for them to heal. It will also enable them to resettle their nervous system and allow it to shift from being wired for security to wired to connect.

Author, transformative writer, teacher and consultant Oliver JR Cooper, hails from England. His insightful analysis and commentary encompasses every aspect of human development that include love, partnerships and self-love. He also discusses self-worth, self-worth, the inner child and awareness. With over 2 000 eight hundred in-depth pieces that explore human psychology and behavior, Oliver offers hope along with solid guidance.

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