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I know many of our patients at Capital Chiropractic have recommended doing a little foam rolling. It can help with back pain. But one of the questions that people may not have answered is how to choose the right foam roller. There’s plenty outside, from white to black, with footprints, bumps, and some of it rocking, too.

Let’s start with any color or texture first.

If you are new to foam rolling, I recommend starting with a white or soft-density foam roller.

what does that mean? White foam rollers are less dense, so they give a little more give. If you haven’t done any rolling, a good roller may be to start with as it will produce less pain and less pressure.

The denser the foam roller, the more pressure you will feel on your muscles. Blue and green sponge rollers are the densest, and black foam rollers are usually the densest. If you are experienced, using black is the way to go.

Some pulleys have tracks or dimples. I’m not suggesting that you start with this stuff because it will give you a deeper self-massage and will be more painful to use.

What size?

The spools come in different sizes, from the smallest 3-4 cm to 90 cm. What I suggest is that you get a roller the width of your back, that way you can use it from the top of your spine to the bottom. So a 24- to 35-inch cylinder should suffice, since the longer and more stable it is, the more expensive it will be. Using a tennis or lacrosse ball can be great for getting into the hard, smaller parts of your body, like the balls of your feet.

Why should you make foam rolls?

Foam rolling is a form of myofascial release (self-massage) and is excellent for releasing tension in your muscles. Foam rolling has been shown to help increase flexibility, eliminate muscle tension, improve performance, and improve blood circulation.

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