2022 NBA Free-Agency Predictions for Every Team

2022 NBA Free-Agency Predictions for Every Team

Can you imagine entering 2022 NBA free agency without a fresh batch of predictions for every single team?

Yeah, I can't, either. All hell is already breaking loose courtesy of the Association's relentless rumor mill

 That gives us a leg up when trying to parse the fog swirling within our crystal ball.

By now, we have a feel for the directions in which many squads are headed

Certain transactions seem like done deals, even though players and teams would never, ever, ever

have contact prior to the official start of free agency on June 30 at 6 p.m. ET.

Predictions for each franchise will strive to be as realistic as possible without diving too far into the mundane

Yours truly wants to look back at this project without entirely despising myself

or cringing at how many guesstimates I got wrong but also knowing I took some chances.

Straight free-agency signings will not be the only transactions eligible for inclusion

That would get real boring, real fast. Extensions and trades will be fair game for variety's sake

So, too, will non-moves. And in situations where the obvious cannot be avoided

unique spins on old tropes and details will be included to keep things fresh

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