All About Google Doodle Amanda Aldridge

All About Google Doodle Amanda Aldridge

The Google Doodle for Friday, June 17, 2022, celebrates the life and career of Amanda Aldridge

described by the company as an inspirational figure who showed "musical prowess at a young age

garnering “international attention for her fusion of musical styles."

Amanda Aldridge was a Black British composer, teacher and opera singer

She released love music, dozens of instrumental tracks, sambas and more than 30 songs under the pseudonym Montague Ring.

The pioneering musical artist was the daughter of African-American actor and playwright Ira Frederick Aldridge

regarded as one of the first Black American tragedians—and his Swedish wife, Amanda von Brandt.

As a vocalist, she pursued a career at London's Royal Conservatory of Music

where she studied under eminent Swedish soprano Jenny Lind.

Aldridge's singing career was cut short by a throat injury, but she found other outlets to continue using her talents, developing a prolific career as a vocal teacher, piano player and composer.