Agape - Wordle players devastated by another 'almost impossible' challenge'

Agape - Wordle players devastated by another 'almost impossible' challenge'

Words such as pinto, gawky, droll, and brink, are all Wordle challenges that have previously stumped fans of wordle in the past few weeks

However, this most recent challenge is so tricky that the word has now begun trending on social media because fans struggled to solve it.

The word 'agape' was the curveball fans were faced with for the Wordle challenge 383 on July 7

Angry fans complained that this word was too difficult to solve as it is unfamiliar and not a commonly used word

Fans also complained that this word has ruined their hard work as many have lost streaks and some are even swearing off the game entirely.

"Wordle 383 6/6 agape almost impossible," said one Wordle player who found the word 'agape' difficult to solve but managed to guess the word on their sixth try.

"Blimey! Not a word used in common parlance. Wordle 383 4/6," said another player

who solved the word but struggled as it isn't particularly popular in most people's day to day vocabulary.

"#wordle 383 2/6 not actually sure how I guessed this. Not a common word…" 

said another player with an impressive score which they put down to dumb luck.

Other players focused on the fact that they had been increasing their winning streak until

 they were faced with this unique challenge, and have subsequently ruined their impressive streaks.