NHL experiencing sustained growth with female, younger fans

NHL experiencing sustained growth with female, younger fans

One of the biggest stories in the NHL this season has been the increase in viewers in the league’s first year of its television contracts with ESPN and TNT

The league is also seeing unparalleled growth in female and younger fans that should have a big impact for years to come

According to NHL research, 37% of hockey fans are female, including an eye-popping 26% growth in that demographic since 2016

 Most of those new fans are likely within the coveted 18-49 age demographic, too, since nearly 40% of all NHL fans are under 50

Kali Mack — an Avalanche fan who lives in Colorado and is part of the league’s Power Players youth advisory board 

said the recent growth comes as the league has showcased more of the human side of the game.

“We’re seeing more player interviews, family moments and those heartfelt things that happen off the ice

as well as this mix of the great highlights that we’re also seeing

she said. “That’s been really great to help get more people in the game because people

who don’t know the sport will connect more with the human moments

And then the highlights will keep their attention.”

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