Novak Djokovic beats Cameron Norrie to reach Wimbledon final

Novak Djokovic beats Cameron Norrie to reach Wimbledon final

LONDON -- This deficit was less daunting for Novak Djokovic. The tension less palpable

 It's not that he wants to fall behind in matches, of course. It's that when he does, he knows how to deal with it.

"It's amazing how the whole game can fall apart, really, just because you feel you're tense

Then no shots are really working properly. Your feet are static and slow," Djokovic said

"Something happens in a match, then all of a sudden it's completely different and you're flying. Everything flows."

The top-seeded Djokovic fashioned a second consecutive comeback victory at Wimbledon on Friday, beating No. 9 seed Cameron Norrie of Britain 2-6, 6-3,

6-2, 6-4 in the semifinals to run his winning streak at the All England Club to 27 matches as he pursues a fourth straight championship on its grass courts.

"The more you experience these kind of situations, not the better you feel, but just more prepared you feel. You know what to expect," Djokovic said

"It's always really about handling your own nerves better than maybe your opponent is his own. This internal battle is always the greatest."

He will face first-time major finalist Nick Kyrgios for the trophy Sunday.

"The job," Djokovic said, "is not finished."

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