'Only Murders in the Building' doesn't miss a beat in getting back on the case

'Only Murders in the Building' doesn't miss a beat in getting back on the case

(CNN)Understandably determined not to mess with success, "Only Murders in the Building" returns with a second season that self-consciously plays to its strengths,

while layering the new mystery laid out by its cliffhanger ending on top of the old one

 It's every bit as breezy and fun, with lots of winking references to "Season 2" (the podcast, naturally, but you get the idea).

Having solved the murder that occupied their first adventure, the unlikely trio of Charles (Steve Martin)

Oliver (Martin Short) and Mabel (Selena Gomez) turn their attention to the next one of their neighbors to turn up dead

Plus, they have new cameos to spice up the proceedings, like Amy Schumer as Amy Schumer

 who immediately pitches the beyond-receptive Oliver on the idea of transforming the podcast into a limited series, because, well, showbiz.

Being quirky can be harder than it looks, but the show nicely delivers on that -- employing shifting narrators

finding a new (and humiliating) acting job for Charles and extending odd flourishes like having Jane Lynch play his stunt double

or more work for Tina Fey's ruthless podcaster and her beleaguered assistant.

Once again, the mystery itself really doesn't matter all that much, as the episodes move along with various clues and revelations while deriving most of their pleasure from odd moments

Short delivering an homage to the movie "Last of the Mohicans" while trapped in a stairwell during a power outage.

While the show perhaps inevitably doesn't feel quite as fresh this second time around, it gets plenty of mileage out of those small touches and the general obsession with true crime

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