Team Baptiste defeats Team Farrell, 33-13

Team Baptiste defeats Team Farrell, 33-13

Team Baptiste took a 10-2 lead in the first quarter of the 2022 All-Star Game presented by OutSystems and never looked back, beating Team Farrell by a final score of 33-13.

The game featured two rule changes, voted on by fans who claimed the Premier Pass

A 13-yard 2-point arc and a moneyball which doubled the value of every goal inside the last two minutes of each quarter.

Archers LC attack Marcus Holman (1G, 1T, 4A) earned MVP honors for his 7-point performance

Atlas LC attack Jeff Teat (1G, 4A) and Redwoods LC midfielder Myles Jones (2T, 1A) posted five points apiece for Team Baptiste.

In total, Team Baptiste buried eight 2-point goals from beyond the 13-yard arc plus three moneyball

goals inside the final 2:00 from Jules Heningburg, Chris Gray, and Joe Nardella.