The 15 Best James Caan Movies, Ranked

The 15 Best James Caan Movies, Ranked

James Caan often described himself as "the only New York Jewish cowboy." He was rugged and intense

portraying iconic hot-heads like Sonny Corleone from "The Godfather" with volatile bursts of rage

but there was more, too. In 1981, Michael Mann got Caan to go deeper with "Thief."

Caan had that thing great performers have: He could stop talking and you still wanted to know what he was thinking

As one of Hollywood's most iconic tough guys, he often didn't have to say anything at all.

The Bronx-born, Queens-raised Caan didn't drop the regional accent. It was his calling card and let you know where he stood

When directors needed a "heavy," Caan was the man. Well into his 70s, the actor was landing intimidating parts.

et, he was also happy to play on his well-worn persona for laughs, too, as he did for a whole new generation opposite Will Ferrel in Jon Favreau's classic 2003 ode to the Christmas spirit, "Elf.

Caan died in 2022 at the age of 82, leaving behind an indelible body of work stretching back a stunning seven decades

His first role was in a black and white TV series "Naked City" in 1961. His final film, "Fast Charlie,"

 has a 2023 release date. It's fitting that his fans will get new stuff from this man even after he's gone. His body of work is immortal.

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