'Wordle' #379 Answer: Clues and Tips To Solve Sunday, July 3, Puzzle

'Wordle' #379 Answer: Clues and Tips To Solve Sunday, July 3, Puzzle

Wordle is a puzzle game where players try to solve the answer within six tries, and fortunately

Newsweek is here for veteran gamers and newcomers alike who might need some help to figure them out.

The rules to Wordle are simple and use a color-coded system that players follow in the hope it will help them work out the five-letter answer.

In the game, green tiles tell the player they have selected the correct letter and that it is in the right place

Fortunately, Wordle resets every day which gives players who were left stumped and failed to solve the puzzle another chance to play the game

Software engineer Josh Wardle created Wordle at the height of the COVID-19

pandemic as a game for him and his partner to play.

When the game launched in October 2021, there were some 90 people who played it although it has since grown

into a worldwide phenomenon with tens of millions of active users.

Wordle's sensational rise from an intimate experience to a globe-spanning smash-hit can be seen in this Statista graphic.

As Wordle became a dominant gaming phenomenon, The New York Times Company stepped in to buy it for a seven-figure sum in January.

Wordle then moved over to the publication's website the following month where it remains to this day.

But, those who simply want to know today's answer—continue to read on.

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